Mistakes everyone makes with air fryers


Air fryers have exploded in popularity, since they’re convenient and create a healthier end product. Air fryers are easier to use than conventional fryers, but it is still possible to use them incorrectly. Here are the mistakes everyone makes with air fryers. We’ll explain why they are mistakes and how to avoid making them yourself.

Putting in Too Much Oil


Too many people put as much oil in the air fryer as they would a frying pan. The food in the air fryer shouldn’t be submerged, not even partially. You’ll need about one teaspoon for most foods. For breaded items you want to fry to a crisp, two tablespoons are needed. If you don’t want to add a spoonful of canola oil, spritz in non-stick cooking spray to the point that it coats the food, and then add the food to the fryer. You’ll know you have too much oil when the air fryer creates white smoke.

Sometimes people end up with too much oil in the air fryer because they keep spraying cooking oil in the fryer or fail to clean it out. We already mentioned only spraying on cooking oil when you’re about to put food in. Make sure you clean the fryer periodically so your food doesn’t get soggy from the last three courses’ worth of oil. Always clean up the fryer if you tried to put traditional loose batters on the food or else the batter will burn in the bottom of the drawer.


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